Style and Protection with a Screen Sliding Door

Everyone has seen a screen door and most likely owned one, so being familiar with how they work is a no brainer.

They can be retractable or they can swing, they remain on the job protecting your home in a number of ways.

Many homeowners regardless of where they are from or what regions they live in, choose these doors for a variety of reasons. In the past people have purchased any other door they could find because screen doors quite frankly have a flimsy construction of aluminum usually.

This is what causes them to bang loudly as you come and go, entering and exiting. These sliding screen doors do have to their credit a long history of being upgraded to correct this design flaw.

They are much sturdier with a more modern and smooth finish. We have all been to the house with the screen door that has issues and would be better suited for the scrap heap.

How Practical is a Screen Door?

Screen doors have a variety of usefulness and this is what makes it a great investment to choose from over the many other options. Whether you live in Las Vegas, Montana, South Beach, or Massachusetts it doesn’t matter because a screen door is going to serve you plenty in terms of the functionality it offers.

Ventilation so You Can Breathe Easy

The screen door is of course able to provide a cool breeze in the hot months and the natural air flow can save you money down the road on your utility bill.

Your home will feel less gloomy and more open as the screen door feature improves the circulation of light in the area adding a bigger feel to the room. Screen doors offer an extra layer of security, which will depend on the model you pick up. The extra barrier is the lock itself, plus the actual material that keeps the bugs out and pulls the air in.

Believe It or Not

You might be surprised that screen doors create a curb appeal for your home. The door way entrance is the first thing people see when you show them in, so this actually raises your home’s value.

With so many different styles and choices you have to decide what you like: what color you want, the type of material you need, or how you want to fit it or have it trimmed.

You could put a storm window in one part of the screen door and you could also buy special handles, locking systems, spring or hydraulic hinges.

The construction of the screen door needs to be something you look over and that it opens and closes smoothly is a must.

You want the door to be subtle and not too heavy. Make your screen door almost invisible and make every effort to get your money’s worth.

Whatever your preference may be just know these doors tend to run in the neighborhood of around $10-$50 and can run as high as $500 if you pick a complicated style or material. Just do your homework first then do your shopping.

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