How to identify wisdom teeth pain?

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There are multiple reasons for dental pain that includes decay of tooth, damaged fillings, infection in the gums or cavities. Irrespective of the type and severity of pain, it is best recommended that you visit a dentist, instead of waiting for the pain and cause of the pain to aggravate. For people who do not have wisdom teeth yet, they would be under the impression that the pain is due to wisdom teeth. Read on to know more about identifying wisdom teeth pain.

Facts about wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth grow both at the bottom and top gums, behind the molars and they do not grow straight. They are usually misaligned and grow either crooked or sideways, due to which their growth pushes other teeth. This is the reason why you experience pain when wisdom teeth start growing.

The pain caused due to wisdom teeth is generally intense and you will feel the pain behind your molars. On a closer look, you will be able to see that the small wisdom teeth are emerging from the gums. It might also lead to inflammation of gums and make them highly sensitive to touch. However, there might not even be pain in some people.

Among some people, the pain might be constant, while the rest would experience pain only while chewing or biting something hard. Dentists strongly recommend that the wisdom teeth should be extracted before it causes any further damage to your dental health.

Pain in wisdom teeth caused due to impaction

There is also a possibility that the wisdom teeth pain is caused due to impacted wisdom teeth and this happens when the jaw bone or other teeth obstructs the emergence of wisdom teeth. Extraction of wisdom teeth is a complex procedure and it might also lead to complications while surgery leading to permanent damage to the bones and the surrounding teeth. If the wisdom teeth pain is persistent, it might also lead to an infection due to the bacteria entering the open tissue.  When the oral health is impacted, it also takes a toll on your overall health.

If you observe pain in the jaw or tenderness, redness and swelling of gums, bad breath or a bad taste while biting, there are high chances that you have impacted wisdom teeth. It might also lead to formation of cysts, where fluid pockets form near the tooth. In the worst case, it might also result in a tumor and cause permanent damage to the underlying jaw bone and the surrounding teeth. Hence, if you sense a wisdom teeth pain, visit a dentist immediately so that the pain does not aggravate or cause any damage.

On examining you, a dental professional will be able to ascertain the cause for pain. If you see an emerging wisdom tooth and experience pain, you will have to visit a dentist soon as it might lead to an impacted wisdom tooth. The best solution would be to get your wisdom teeth extracted.

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