The Wand- New Age Painless Dentistry

Let’s see a show of hands – how many of us love getting a pre-procedure pain injection at the dentist office? That many? Okay, what if there was a way to receive pain relief without the anxiety of a needle and without the initial “ouch” factor.

The Dental Wand, or CompuDent and Single Tooth Anesthesia System, is a way to administer medication without the discomfort associated with a traditional needle injection. The wand consists of a tower base with an attached pen-like device. The pen device does have a needle in it to administer the dose. It also has a foot pedal control that frees up the dentists’ other hand.

When you get an injection, the discomfort that you feel is often due to the quick release of the medication into your system, not the needle itself. This device will remove pain and anxiety from dental injections. For a dentist to achieve this same result they would be required to hold their hands impossibly still for a prolonged period of time to deliver a steady low dose of anesthetic. This is something the wand can do flawlessly.

The anesthesia takes effect much more quickly than it does with a conventional syringe administration and the dentist can start the procedure sooner than normal.

The dental wand contains a microprocessor that automatically delivers and regulates the flow of anesthetic. The technique prevents the lips and face from becoming numb. The numbness that often follows a dental procedure may be able to be eliminated or reduced significantly. The fact that patients do not have to wait for any residual numbness to resolve means they can resume normal activities right away. This feature helps to prevent injuries in pediatric patients who often bite their lips or tongue due the numbness they have after leaving the dentist office.

The wand also allows for multiple procedures to be done during one visit that may not have been possible with standard injections. This saves both the patient and the dentist valuable time.

Dentists in love the dental wand as well. They only see positives when it comes to this latest tech advancement. The dentists are now free to concentrate on the patient and the procedure since the wand frees them up from the task of monitoring anesthesia. They feel the use of the wand relaxes the patient more effectively and provides a consistency in pain management that is simply not possible with traditional techniques. The patients also have a sense of security and satisfaction in knowing that their dentist office is on the cutting edge of technology and is concerned with their comfort and health.

This is a very exciting addition in the dental world and has big benefits for patients and practitioners alike. Ask your San Diego dental office if they offer the Dental Wand as part of their practice and discuss having your dentist utilize it during your care visit.

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